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Solar air conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the most significant costs that Australian households face.

Switching to GREE solar air conditioning can reduce your power bills while positively impacting the environment. Our experienced electricians are design and installation accredited.

Gold Coast Electrical offers Solar PV-Inverter air conditioners. GREE air conditioners use cutting-edge technology that combines solar power and electricity, effectively reducing costs by up to 97% during daylight hours.

Please note that GREE Air conditioners are not a hybrid air conditioner.

About Solar Air Conditioning

How Solar Air Conditioning works:

4 x high-efficiency monocrystalline panels

The highly efficient power modules are fully certified to Australian Standards AS NZS5033.

Gold Coast Electrical:

  • Uses high quality multi-diode solar panels which are weather resistant
  • If one panel becomes partially shaded, the entire system will keep working at peak efficiency.
  • All panels are registered in the Business Council for Sustainability Energy (BCSE) Australian PV module database and are to BCSE certification.

6 year warranty

Gold Coast Electrical provides a 6-year warranty for your solar air conditioner installation. We are also available 24/7 should any issues arise with the implantation.

Advanced airflow design

Solar air conditioners have designs which consist of a 10m overlong, automatic horizontal as well as waterfall heating airflows. Enjoy the comfort while saving electricity and money.

Air purify filters

Several optional healthy filters provide more protection for the health of your family and guests.

Full installation

A fully certified Gold Coast Electrical installation team will undertake your installation using industry best practices. Our teams are:

  • Trained specifically in the installation of Gold Coast Electrical products over and above mandatory training through the Clean Energy Council
  • Qualified technicians with experience in compliant project installation to Australian Standards AS477.

Independent of existing panels

Uses its own solar panels that are separate from any existing solar energy systems. This means no extra components are required.

If you have an existing solar system, adding Solar Air conditioning will not affect your current feed-in tariff.


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